Regular maintenance of your pool may feel hard, but it is not something you want to avoid. A pool that is neglected quickly deteriorates and costs a lot to reclaim.

Neglected swimming pools offer a conducive environment for algae, insects, and small animals to thrive. This makes it unsightly and dangerous to use. If neglected for long enough, it may be rendered unusable.

You will have to replace your pool equipment sooner than you have to if you don’t keep up with your maintenance schedule.

If you find yourself unable to keep up, find a reliable pool maintenance company like Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. to do it for you. A cost-effective option in the long run. They offer exceptional pool maintenance services in The Villages, from taking care of pool pumps, pool equipment, and more.

If you decide to clean the pool yourself, this is how you should do it.


Taking Care of Pool Pumps

The pool pump is responsible for maintaining a clean water supply. Two parts make up the pool pump; the motor and the pump itself. The motor is attached to the back of the pump and runs it.

The pump works by sucking water from the pool, passing it through the filter, and pumping it back into the pool. Clean water comes out. A clean pool is fun and safe to enjoy.

Pool pump maintenance is done weekly. Switch off the pump before you begin cleaning. To be even safer, detach it from the mains. As you do that, check to see if the pressure gauge works correctly. It should read zero if it does.

Clean around the pump and wipe off the pump itself. The vents are responsible for keeping the pump cool. They ruin the pump if they are clogged. Ensure to pay attention to them.

Lift the lid off the filter basket and clean out any debris. Don’t miss the opportunity to check for damage to the pump and any leaks. The earlier you catch these, the easier and cheaper they are to repair.


Cleaning Pool Filters

The commonly used three filters are the sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters.

The sand filter has a particular type of sand as a filtering mechanism. As pumped water passes through it, sand traps the debris. Every three years or less, it becomes necessary to replace the sand. Regularly, however, you clear out the dirt by reverse pumping.

The cartridge filter cleanses the water as it passes through a polyester cloth material. You clean this by hosing off the debris that becomes trapped on the cloth. If there is a lot of dirt, you can use a pool filter cleaning solution.

In DE filters, water is filtered through a powder-coated mesh. The powder is a unique type of earth. You should clean DE filters by back pumping. However, this washes off some of the powder, which has to be sprayed back on again.

In cleaning the filters, remember to keep to the prescribed schedule. More frequent cleaning is counterproductive. A bit of dirt on the filter makes it work better.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep your pool in top condition for longer.


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