If you haven’t gone green already, you are probably finding ways to join the green movement. And one such way is by relying on solar energy. Except this can burn a hole in your pocket. Every swimming pool owner can find help using the best solar pool cover in the villages. They are more affordable and come to minimize your energy bill by approximately 70%! You won’t need an electric heater to regulate the temperatures, saving you chunks of your hard-earned money.


What You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Solar Pool Cover in the Villages

When you set out to find the best solar blankets in the villages, there are important factors to keep in mind. These include the material, color, pool dimension, and thickness.

  1. Material

You should find your pick from polyethylene, vinyl, and polypropylene.


They are less flexible and thicker than polyethylene. The downside is these covers are challenging to roll and fold but are great in durability and blocking intense UV radiation.


The affordable and lightweight covers offer efficacy in heat transfer. However, they tend to tear with a thickness of 12 mils or below.


It scores highly in durability and offers protection against sun damage and tear. If you wish to uncover your pool without much precision and care, vinyl should be your ideal choice.

  1. Color

We love aesthetics, and it’s no doubt that you want an attractive as well as a functional solar pool cover. But your cover’s color is more than appealing and influences its efficiency below.

Dark covers

These are ideal for warming your pool quickly by blocking immense UV radiation with sound heat absorption effects.

Clear covers

They let the sunlight pass through to the water for warming. Clear covers are effective in heat retention and even better during the night with high insulation properties.

Translucent covers

Translucent covers are similar to their counterparts above but block more significant amounts of UV radiation from getting to your pool. They are also faster in warming the water.

  1. Pool dimensions

This is a very crucial consideration and perhaps the first that should come to mind. A well-fitting cover provides maximum functionality. The cover should be wide to settle on the pool surface for reliable heat transfer. What is the shape of your pool? There are oval, rectangular, and square pool covers, so find one ideal for your pool. Customized pool owners should buy extensive covers and trim for a perfect fit for your pool.

  1. Thickness

The thicker the pool cover, the more effective it can absorb the sun’s energy. Additionally, the chances are that they are more durable and resistant to sun damage, tear, and rips. The thickness of solar pool covers is calculated in mils (1 mil = 0.0001 inches). Most covers will fall anywhere between 6 to 16 mils. The disadvantage of thicker solar pool covers is they are heavier and, therefore, pose a challenge when folding up.

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