Pool Service Plans

Pool Services Plans In The Villages

Do you need the best pool services plans in The Villages? Then, you can count on Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services. Since pool owners must regularly keep their pool in good condition, they need to spend lots of time doing the dirty work. But with our inexpensive and quality pool services plans, we’ll take charge of the dirty tasks so you can spend time with your friends, family, and loved ones. Yes, we are committed to making your pool maintenance in The Villages as easy as possible.

Our Pool Services Plans In The Villages

You can subscribe to our full service-weekly pool maintenance plans. These include:

  • Water Test- The water test is to verify the chemicals needed in the water to retain the right pH level and clarity. When your pool fails to offer clarity and doesn’t have the correct pH level, it can be toxic for swimmers.
  • Maintenance Of The Filtration System- For your pools to operate efficiently, the filtration system must function well. Thus, we inspect the filtration system and maintain it.
  • Cartridge Filters Cleaning- While you should do this monthly, we can also help you clean it when needed.
  • Salt System- Our pool cleaning plans in The Villages cover the maintenance of the salt system in your pool and the addition of salt as needed.
  • Cleaning- When your pool needs to be cleaned, we carry it out using the best equipment. We vacuum and brush the pool and tile.

Pool Clean Up Service

Do you have neglected pools? We have unique and excellent two green-to-clean services. These are:

  1. Drain And Clean- The first procedure is drain and clean. First, we drain the pool. Then, we’ll clean it up using the best equipment. After the cleaning is over, we refill the pool with the right chemicals. 
  2. One Time Chemical Cleanup- The second procedure is known as a one-time chemical cleanup. The cleanup involves: 
  • Treating pool water with chemicals
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Ensuring a sparkling blue pool

Why Choose Us

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled in all pool services. Therefore, they can identify pool problems even before they lead to expensive repairs.

Inexpensive Services

It is our delight to meet the needs of homeowners who have varying lifestyles and budgets. Thus, our pricing structure is affordable and stays the same year-round irrespective of the chemical used.


Our trained professionals handle both emergency and routine maintenance of your pool. They do this with a single goal in mind: keeping your pool in the best condition!

Contact Us

Reach out to our professionals at Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services for your pool services plans in The Villages today! They are friendly, highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in all The Villages pool services. With our full-service pool cleaning plans, your pool will stay in the best condition all through the year. For a free pool inspection, contact us today!