Swimming Pool Services in Leesburg

Who does not love a swimming pool in their home? Swimming pools are appealing especially, in the summertime when you can relax as your kids enjoy swimming. Swimming pools act as relaxation venues for some while; for others, it may be a necessity. Before owning a swimming pool, looking at a pool service in Leesburg that will take care of the pool is recommended.

One reputable swimming pool service center is Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services which offers maintenance, cleaning and upkeep in Leesburg.

Pool Maintenance, Cleaning, And Upkeep

Maintenance of a swimming pool requires time and pool care knowledge. Our team also offers pool cleaning services. 

Having a swimming pool requires regular cleaning that might be time-consuming on your end. That is where we come in. We provide our clients with pool cleaning and repairs services and ensure that:

  • Your pool has a good flow
  • The swimming pool is cleaned regularly
  • The swimming pool water’s pH is balanced, and the alkalinity levels are okay.

As your devoted pool service in Leesburg, we offer pool maintenance to keep your pool safe, clean and sanitized. With advanced knowledge of pool care, we will leave your pool water as clear as crystals. It will prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

In addition, our pool repair services will ensure that any damages in your pool are taken care of immediately. The damages may be clogged filters, clogged plumbing that can result in the formation of algae or broken tiles. Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services will repair them all.

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Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services offer pool service in Leesburg, Florida. Our primary focus is residential pools and spas but, we also take care of different commercial projects.