Your pool is supposed to provide you with relaxation, and it’s an excellent place for having fun. But what happens when the water in your pool doesn’t look as beautiful as you would like?

We know that you have many pool cleaning and repair options. But, don’t worry at all. Our company offers quality acid wash pool services in Leesburg. We are the best choice for your cleaning needs.

We have experts who can clean your pool using acid wash chemicals that will leave it looking brand new again. If you have been thinking about hiring a company to clean your pool, we hope you will consider our company.


What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing is a process that uses diluted acid to remove mineral deposits and algae from the surfaces of your swimming pool. This method, also known as draining, cleaning, and refilling, is typically reserved for pools that have become very dirty or stained.

Acid washing is the best way to get the clean, pristine swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of.


How Do You Know That Your Pool Needs An Acid Wash?

Chlorine helps keep your pool clean; however, chlorine with lower PH encourages algae growth. And that’s why your pool starts to turn a little green.

If you don’t catch it early and treat it with an acid wash, that algae can begin to grow and multiply, turning your water the color of a swamp monster.

The good news is that an acid wash is simple, fast, and very affordable. Hire our professional services to return your refreshing blue-like-the-ocean pool.


How is Acid Wash Done?

We offer pool services in villages at a competitive price. So don’t worry, we will come to your place.

However, before we begin the acid wash, we assess the surface of your pool to determine the best concentration of acid for your pool surface; we have the best pool treatments in Leesburg. Our team will finally get the right concentration, whether fiberglass, tiles, or plaster.


The Chemicals part

We have a team of trained experts who know precisely how to apply muriatic acid with just the proper pressure to clean your pool without damaging its surfaces. Our process begins with scrubbing the surfaces of your pool with various equipment until they are spotless and sparkling clean. Next, muriatic acid is applied in an even layer across the entire surface of the pool.

After the surfaces have been cleaned, water is used to rinse them off before soda ash is added to the foam, which helps maintain a safe pH balance; it is safe to pump out, so we don’t have to worry about harming any animals or plants in the area.

After some time, the acid is rinsed off with water, and then we use our equipment once more to sterilize the whole surface thoroughly.

This process leaves your pool looking brand new and free from any dangerous bacteria or algae growths. Then you will recommend your friend to us for acid wash pool services because we offer quality services.