Your swimming pool is dirty; nay, it is filthy. Besides the dirt you can see, it is swimming with bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and human waste. The main culprit in contaminating the pool is you, aided by your pets, dead animals and bugs, and debris.

These contaminants can make you ill, give you a skin infection and take away the joy and Comfort of swimming.

Your filtration system tries but is incapable of giving you a healthy pool on its own.

Pool Treatment

There are other methods of pool treatment that can be used in addition to water filtration.

  1. Traditional chlorine has been popular since the turn of the 20th century. Chlorine is effective against a wide range of microbes on which it acts by disintegrating their cell walls. Its use makes water safe to swim in.
  2. However, chlorine is a chemical that must be applied skillfully. Too little, and it is ineffective. Too much, and the smell and taste will be unbearable.
  3. Saltwater chlorinators work by turning salts into chlorine gas through electrolysis. The gas then sanitizes the pool. The effect is milder than would be experienced from using chlorine, especially in excessive amounts. Salt chlorinators are not effective in pools with heavy use.
  4. You can also use pool ozone to sanitize your water. An ozone generator is placed pool downstream, and water passes through it from the filter. Ozone gas is harmful, so take special precautions. When the water circulates back to the pool, it must be free of the ozone.
  5. UV light also treats your pool without the addition of chemicals. Clear Comfort produces hydroxyl radicals- powerful oxidants that oxidize and eliminate contaminants in your pool.

Pool Shock Treatment

All the methods of pool treatment enumerated above are compatible with the pool shock treatment.

The pool shock treatment consists of dousing your swimming pool water with a high dose of a sanitizing agent that gets dispels contaminants as well as excessive chlorine.

Sanitizing agents include Calcium Hypochlorite, which is concentrated chlorine in granular form. It is very effective against all sorts of contaminants. Dichloroisocyanuric acid (dichlor) is a mixture of chlorine and cyanuric acid also effective against pollutants.

Please don’t mix these chemicals with any other not recommended while treating your pool.

The non-chlorine shock method is excellent for eliminating odor and neutralizing ammonia and other contaminants. It is, however, ineffective against algae.

Also, note that on its own, pool shocking is no alternative to pool maintenance. Pair with other methods for maximum results.


Pool Essentials Shock Treatment

The  Pool Essentials Shock Treatment is an economical way of treating your pool. It is a Trichloro-S- Triazinetrione based agent in 13.4oz bags. To use, you dump one bag in the deeper end of the pool and run the pump for up to 8 hours to aid in circulation.

You do this weekly, and it works best paired with chlorinating tablets. The Pool Essentials Shock Treatment dissolves fast. It’s effective in clearing cloudy water and dispelling swimmer contaminants.


Treat your swimming pool using any of these methods to make it safe and comfortable to be in. Regular treatment keeps your pool looking lovely longer and easier to maintain.

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