A stained pool is quite embarrassing. Much worse than a stained cushion or tattered carpet. Pool stains can actually damage your whole backyard experience, and the hard-to-remove stains sometimes are a bit more embarrassing and it would be best if you found a way of protecting your pool walls, once and for all.

Now, the first step in any removal of pool stains involves identifying the stain in question and then finding the right tools to get rid of it.

The prominent stains you are likely to find in a pool are mottling, mineral or metal stains, organic matter, or rust.



There are times when a stain is not a stain, and it could just be typical mottling of the pool plaster, and since this plaster is a natural product, it is bound to have variations such as shading and hue.

The streaks or the mottled effects cannot be cleaned.


Metallic Stains

Metal creates pool stains which appear like brown stains in the pool, and they tend to be very dark in color and look like rust. These are copper stains, and they can also appear as turquoise, teal, or a blue/green color.

When the iron produces some green-brown, or rusty-red splotches, the manganese will usually cause these problems.

Metallic stains can be cleaned using a pool stain remover that also takes care of protecting your pool walls.


Rust Stains

If you see brown stains in the pool, it could be rust. Rust appears in isolated spots, and it’s usually caused by metal that finds its way to your pool.

This rust could be coming from the inside concrete pool walls or other areas near the pool.

If you have vinyl pools, galvanized steel and wet soils could eliminate this or paint the walls with wall foam. This helps in protecting your pool walls.


Mineral Stains

A mineral stain could actually be a scale film mixed with oils and dirt deposited as a dull discoloration in the pool.

This stain can often be found as a waterline stain and scaly white deposits on the tile, although certain water conditions can be found all over the pool and other pool surfaces.

Mineral stains are usually controlled using a pool stain remover, such as Scale-Free, Stain Away, and Jack’s Blue Stuff.


Oils and Dirt

These are waterline stains on the surface of your pool, and they can look like brown stains in the pool. Now, when the water is low, you may notice these stains, and the best thing would be to use a pool stain remover.

Never use household cleaners with phosphates and other chemicals to clean your pool.