Summer brings vacations, barbecues, soaking up the sun and of course, pool parties. But do you need pool repair in the Villages before you can start splashing away? Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. can help you with any and all swimming pool repairs. Whether it’s a cleaning of stains or needing full blown repairs done to your pool, trust the experts. 


Pool Restoration in the Villages

You may be itching to just jump right into the pool, but making sure everything is running optimally is key to great pool maintenance. If you are noticing stains in your pool, these can usually be removed easily. Anything organic that causes stains in your pool will typically come out with enough chlorine added to the water. If you notice metal stains, these may require a little more elbow grease. You’ll most likely need special chemicals to remove these stains, although sometimes water, vinegar and baking soda will do the trick. Ascorbic acid can get rid of those iron stains, as well as any copper stains in your pool you may come across. This chemical can be found at any hardware store too, making the stain removal job even faster. Your pool may need replastering depending on the age of your pool and how rough the bottom is starting to feel. If your pool is looking a little faded, stained, rough, or peeling, it’s most likely time for a replastering.   


The Villages Swimming Pool Repair Services

If you’re not dealing with stains but with issues in your pool running optimally, it may be time for some troubleshooting. If your pool water is cloudy, it may be due to a faulty or worn out pool pump or filter. These help to circulate the pool water and keep it clean and fresh. If your water is cloudy and dirty even with your added chemicals and products, check out the pump and filter to make sure they’re working properly. You may even notice a spike in your electricity bills when the pump or filter isn’t running optimally. Since the parts can’t keep up in cleaning, they will be running more often, causing more electricity to be used. Any parts of the pool equipment can have a bad day and need repair, like any motors, pumps, filters, and other electric machinery. Keep an ear out for any weird or loud noises coming from your pool, as this can be a sign that something is starting to break down.  


A small amount of water loss in your pool is to be expected. Evaporation and hotter weather will cause your pool to lose some water. But if you are noticing a bigger drop in your pool’s water levels, you may have a leak inside. Pool repair services in the Villages can check out your pool and run a series of tests to check for any potential leaks. They’ll be able to find the leak quickly and help to patch it up, restoring your pool’s water and chemical levels back to normal. And if you think the pool is having difficulties with the plumbing, trust pool repair services in the Villages to help fix the issue, not a plumber. It can be tricky sometimes in determining a pool plumbing problem, but most often there is a spike in your water bill. And if you know that you aren’t using any extra water for other items, such as watering the lawn, the spike may be from your pool. 


The Villages Pool Repair Company

Having trained professionals come out and inspect your pool on a regular basis is never a bad idea. More often than not, the day to day schedules for most people leave little time to check on the smaller items, such as pool performance and maintenance. And most people aren’t highly trained in picking up on issues with their pool, which is where swimming pool repair professionals come into play. Our expert knowledge will help you determine your pool’s overall performance and whether it needs a little sprucing up before the pool parties can begin. 


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Are you ready to cool off this summer in your pool? If you need pool repair in the Villages before that can happen, rely on Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. With highly skilled and trained technicians, we will inspect and fix your pool issues before you know it. Call us today to get started!