Does your pool appear dull and have stains that do not even go away with vacuuming or cleaning? Then it is time for a pool acid wash. Maintaining a pool is not as easy as swimming in it, especially when acid-washing your pool. Many precautions need to be taken while you are working with acid. Contact Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. today if you are looking for an Acid wash in Orlando and hire professionals to tackle your swimming pool acid wash. We are masters when it comes to swimming pool repairs or maintenance.

What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing isn’t just like regular cleaning. Swimming pool acid wash is more than just a surface cleaning. It is a process by which the very thin upper layer of plaster is stripped off the pool. It helps in removing stains left by chlorine, dirt, minerals, or algae. However, you might be wondering, removing the swimming pool’s plaster sounds a bit extreme, but not to worry because the swimming pool plaster is about ½ inch thick, and acid only removes a thin layer.

Why is a pool acid wash necessary? 

Some pools develop stubborn stains or discolored surfaces that can’t be cleaned with just cleaning and scrubbing if not maintained well. These stubborn stains result from magnesium or copper deposits that turn your plaster white from blue or grey from black. Due to this reason, your pool can start looking dirty and rough. That is why it is good to acid wash your pool. Draining and acid washing and then refilling will also benefit your pool if it has hard water or algae issues.

When Do You Need an Acid Wash?

Now the question arises when should I acid wash my pool? Swimming pool acid wash isn’t a regular thing that needs to be done every day. Following are a few indicators that would let you know when to acid wash your pool.

  1. If your swimming pool is stained and cleaning or scrubbing isn’t just working at all.
  2. When you start seeing repetitive algae blooms, it indicates that you might not be getting all the spores off with just regular cleaning, so it’s time for a pool acid wash!
  3. If your pool was sitting stagnant or you failed to winterize your pool correctly.
  4. When you are repairing a spot in your pool, you might need to acid wash the spot before plastering it because if your plaster gets mixed with the algae spores, it would be difficult to get rid of the algae without removing the entire plaster.
  5. If your pool is faded because of the sun, then an acid wash can be the original shine of your pool back.

How do I acid wash my pool?

Well, acid washing isn’t a job that should be done if you have no experience. It needs to be regulated well. It isn’t an easy task. You would need to drain your pool and then pour the acid mixture in the pool and rinse it quickly and thoroughly and, in the end, neutralize the pool. However, another way of doing it is the no drain acid wash. In this process, you don’t have to drain the pool. The pH level of the water is reduced to an acidic level of 1.0 and an alkalinity level closest to zero. Then the pool is brushed several times a day to loosen the scale and dirt, and after three days, the process is reversed, and the water chemistry is brought to normal. The no drain acid wash isn’t the best alternative, but it works, so you might as well give it a go as it is less dangerous.

How often should I acid wash my pool?

Pool acid wash can remove a thin layer of the plaster of the pool. However, it doesn’t need to be done yearly, or you’d quickly run out of the pool plaster. Consider doing an acid wash every five years max. However, pools with thin old plaster shouldn’t be acid-washed but replastered. Consult a professional first and then see if acid washing is necessary.

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Maintenance of your swimming pool is an excellent thing to do; however, Acid washing is a risky business. Professionals should only do swimming pool acid wash; not every inexperienced person can do it. If you want an acid wash in Orlando, then contact sparkling pools construction Inc. today! And hire professionals who can help you in getting your swimming pool crystal clear. Contact us at (352) – 633 – 2578 or email us at to avail quality service at an affordable cost. For More Information, Visit our website