If you like to bake under the sun and in your oasis, a cloudy pool can be very unsettling. While the problem can be solved, it is still time-consuming, and depending on how bad it is, it can be challenging to achieve a clear pool. Before laying out how to fix your dirty swimming pool, let’s establish the causes of the nightmare.


Causes of a cloudy pool

The major problem is that a few issues may contribute to the cloudy pool, so determining which one is another part of the puzzle. Here are the factors to watch out for:

  1. Poor filtration system

More often than not, a bad filter interferes with the pool’s clarity and dignity. The filter is responsible for cleaning the water. So, what happens when it’s dysfunctional? It stagnates water facilitating the cloudy pool water. Then we drill it down further, check if:

  • The pool filter is clogged, especially if it’s been a while since you last cleaned the system. The solution is backwashing the sand or Diatomaceous earth (D.E) filter by cleaning the filter grids or the cartilage in your filter.
  • The skimmer or pump basket is filled with dirt or debris, then clear all the contaminants.
  1. Improper chemical levels

Chlorine sanitizes our water, and when it is not enough, you have a dirty pool. The same goes for a pool with a high pH, high alkalinity, high calcium hardness, and high chlorine itself. They all cause calcium build-up and scaling, a reason for your cloudy water pool. The good news is running your filter as required is a solution, but if you are looking at an imbalance, there is more work for you.

  1. Contaminants

The environment around the pool can be very generous with all kinds of contaminants like the trees, birds, decor plants, sun, algae, and wait, your sunscreen and sweat too. Debris and algae are common issues in the spring. All these factors promote a cloudy pool.


Cloudy pool water fix

  • The filter

It may need a replacement, which is especially true if it’s old or damaged. This way, it can promise optimal performance by trapping the contaminants efficiently. You should also run your pool every eight to twelve hours a day, or at least once a day if you are too busy.

  • Treat algae

They say prevention is better than cure, which is exactly what algaecide does. When you have an algae problem in your pool, you have to fix it before contemplating how to clear the fog. So, once there is a build-up, you will have to employ a skim, brush, and finally, vacuum the pool. Once it’s cleared, use a Cal-hypo shock for shocking the pool.

For other debris and contaminants, which often occur after heavy showers, ensure to skim, brush and vacuum the pool as recommended.

  • Fixing chemical levels
    • Chlorine levels

To perform the test, you need test strips and a liquid test. Taking the water sample to your local pool supply store is also an option. If the levels are too low, a pool cloudy after shock will do by boosting your chlorine levels and clearing chloramines.

    • Test the alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness levels

To lower alkalinity levels, employ muriatic acid or a pH decrease. At the same time, raising the levels requires an alkalinity increase or baking soda from your kitchen!

High pH levels build up calcium, while low levels cause overreactive chlorine. Both result in a cloudy pool. Lower the levels with a pH decrease and increase them with soda ash or a pH increase.

On the other hand, high calcium hardness levels can lead to calcium build-up too, which calls for diluting your pool. To be precise, drain your pool and refill it with fresh water.

  • Use a pool clarifier

Wish for an efficient, quick fix? You can rely on pool water clarifiers. However, if you have a cartridge filler, it may not be ideal as it clogs the paper pleats, and soon you will have to replace it. They work by gathering the contaminants together, making them easy to get rid of.

  • Use a pool flocculant

Again, it is perfect if you want to jump into a clear pool sooner. But just like the former, it shouldn’t be used if you have a cartridge filter due to the clogging of paper pleats. Because in a few weeks, someone will have to make a replacement for the filter.


Easily clean your cloudy pool

Don’t let a cloudy pool ruin your plans; you have various solutions that can tone up your pool in an instant. While at it, it is recommended to have your pool professionally cleaned and maintained by a reliable firm to avoid such problems in the future.