When it comes to enjoying outdoor activities with your family, the first thing that comes to your mind is swimming. Swimming pools are fantastic for enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones; however, maintaining a healthy swimming pool is essential. Contact Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. today and get your pool cleaned today. We are professionals who can help you keep your pool shining like a clear crystal.


One of the key factors in maintaining a healthy pool is understanding the science of keeping a healthy balanced chlorine swimming pool. You don’t know when to add chlorine sometimes, or without it coming to your thought, you add too much chlorine, which is extremely dangerous. But how can you know when you’ve added more chlorine than required? And what are the ways to fix that?

When Should You Add Chlorine to your Swimming pool?

Add chlorine when you think your swimming pool smells of chlorine. Why? Because what you are smelling is chloramines and not chlorine. Chlorine’s job is to oxidize body oils, sweat, urine, sunblock, cosmetics, and other forms of human bodily waste, as well as bugs, leaf mold, etc. Chlorine produces ammonia-based compounds of chlorine with them called chloramines. This is what you can smell, and the residual chlorine is called free chlorine, which doesn’t smell. So if your swimming pool “smells of chlorine,” that means there is less chlorine in your pool, Because you can’t smell excessive chlorine in the pool. Neither does too much chlorine swimming pool sting your eye or irritates your skin. It is again the chloramines. All of these factors indicate that there is a need to add chlorine to your pool.


How to Check Chlorine Levels?

You Can easily check the chlorine level by dipping a test strip in the pool and then matching the resulting color to the provided chart. There are different kinds of pool kits, some measure the free chlorine, and some measure the total chlorine of the water.


How to fix the excessive chlorine in the pool?

The ideal chlorine level for your pool is 1ppm-3ppm. If your chlorine levels are high, then the following are some things you can do to lower the chlorine in your swimming pool.

1.Do not add more chlorine:

If your chlorine is over 3ppm, then don’t sweat about it much. Turn off your chlorine feeder or take out your chlorine floater. After a few people swim in it, the chlorine would start oxidizing the organic matter, and automatically its quantity in the water would be reduced.

2. Reduce Chlorine with Sunlight:

Uncover your pool and let the sun do its job. The ultraviolet sunlight rays destroy chlorine in pools. It can deplete 90% of the chlorine in the swimming pool in about 2 – 3 hours. However, Monitor your water and continue regular chlorination when the reading drops 2ppm.

  1. Add Chlorine Neutralizing chemical:

A quick fix to decrease the chlorine level in your pool is to add a chlorine neutralizing chemical. The two most common chlorine neutralizing chemicals for pools are Sodium Thiosulfate and Sodium Sulfite. Hydrogen peroxide also works for pools with a pH greater than 7; otherwise, it wouldn’t have much effect.

  1. Replace some Water:

Another fix to excessive addition of chlorine is to replace some water and top it up with fresh water; however, this method has many downsides. Draining and refilling your pool is a time-consuming process. Not only that but it can also increase your water bills. Another downside to it is that it disrupts the pH level and water hardness of your pool, for which you need to monitor and readjust after you add fresh water.

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