Swimming Pool Services in Orlando

Orlando is a beautiful city to visit or live in with your family. The weather is conducive and has suitable temperatures. The summers are long and hot. While winters are short, it is an ideal city if you are looking for a family home. If you own a swimming pool in your backyard, you understand the need for reputable swimming pool services.

Owning a swimming pool in your backyard will improve your lifestyle. You get to relax and enjoy the sun in your swan, float in your backyard or have that relaxing swim after a long day at work. Swimming pools require pool cleaner service like Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. & Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services to maintain the cleanliness and any pool repairs. 


Some of the pool cleaner service include:

  • Pool Construction
    If you are looking for reputable pool builders in Orlando, search nowhere else! Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. & Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services have a dedicated team that offers pool construction services. They utilize the best materials and skills so that your pool remains strong and lasts long.

    Swimming pools may be sunk in the ground or built above the ground. Swimming pools come in different sizes and shapes. Each type has its cost. Pool Contractors will offer you several options to choose from that include:

  • Fibreglass Swimming Pools
    Fibreglass swimming pools are ready-made pools that get to be transferred to their specific residence once constructed. They are sculpted remotely into a tub shape to fit the requirements specified for your home. They are affordable to make.
  • Concrete Pools
    Concrete pools are built from scratch, and they are expensive to construct. However, they are durable and able to hold huge pressure loads. Excavation is done to create the hole and, then concrete is put into the hole to form the pool shell.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools
    Vinyl pools use thin vinyl lining to hold pool water in the swimming pool. Excavation is first done to create a hole. Then, a wooden or metal framework is fixed in the void, after which sand filler is placed at the bottom.

    Our pool contractors will guide you depending on the material, size, and type of pool you want. They will assist you in selecting the best fit that stands out and at the same time offers you an enjoyable time with your family and friends. Once the plan has been formulated, the work begins.

Pool Maintenance, Cleaning, And Upkeep

Swimming pool services not only offer construction, but they provide pool cleaning and repair services.

Maintaining a swimming pool requires regular upkeep. Pool Service in Orlando will ensure that your swimming pool: 

  • Has been cleaned often to avoid the buildup of bacteria
  • A proper balance of pH and alkalinity levels in the water
  • Good circulation in the swimming pool
  • The pool is safe and sanitized

Pool maintenance will ensure to keep the pool clean at all times and, if they notice a defect in the swimming pool, it’s taken care of immediately. Whether there are leaks or tile breaks, our pool repair services will ensure that it’s handled. 

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Swimming pool services are essential if you have a pool in Orlando. The services offered by Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. & Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services are construction, cleaning, and repairs. We take care of your pool without stressing you much.