There’s no better way to beat a hot summer day’s heat than a refreshing dip in the pool. Looking for an incredible swimming pool design in The Villages,  Florida? We’ve got you covered.

The Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services, Inc., has many different swimming pool ideas you can choose from. Today’s in-ground pools have come a long way from turquoise-lined rectangular designs to incredible-looking swimming pools.

A good pool builder in the villages can completely transform your backyard into an out-of-this-world scenery complete with waterfalls, spas, and elegant gardens.


Swimming Pool Designs In The Villages, Florida

Here’s a look at some incredible swimming pool designs you can adopt for your home:


Rectangular Pools

This may be old-fashioned, but with a good pool and Spa company in The Villages, such as Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services Inc., we can make your pool extremely modern and elegant.

For pool owners who would wish to swim laps, having long straight lines on their rectilinear pool, then, this is a great swimming pool design in the Villages, Florida.


Oval or Round Pool Designs

This curvilinear shape is common in the backyards of Hollywood’s elite. In the 30s, pool builders in The Villages like Philip Ilsley created these round-bottomed pools and filled them with concrete using a hose.

Later, others who could afford the pools loved the deviation from the standard rectilinear shape and adopted this particular design.

The best pool and spa company in The Villages, Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services Inc., can design a perfect curvilinear shaped pool for your home.


Kidney-Shaped Pools

The first-ever kidney-shaped pool was designed by architect Thomas Church. He created this first pool for the Donnell Family’s Modern home in Sonoma.

Up until that time, almost all pool builders in the villages created swimming pools in a rectilinear shape for a straightforward lap swimming experience. His biomorphic design however was photographed by many magazines and this made the kidney-shaped pool one of the most popular choices for residential swimming pools.

The focal point of this design was a sculpture by Adaline Kent that served as an island at the center of the kidney-shaped pool.


Figure 8 Shaped Pool

It seems pretty obvious why a pool should resemble the number 8. This is a great-looking pool that works for exercise and goes with the shape of the backyard.

A great in-ground pool in Florida with a figure 8 shape should have circular shapes on the ends and must be a little narrow in the middle to appear like an hourglass.

The ends of the pool should not have the exact size, and one can be larger than the other, creating a modern pool look.


Multi-Sided Swimming Pool Design in The Villages, Florida

This design comes with multiple edges on the sides and has been a popular design for most people.

They sometimes have variations of oval or rectangle, and to refresh your math skills, hexagons have eight sides, nonagons have nine sides while decagonal has ten sides.


Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services, Inc.

At Sparkling Waters Pool & Spa Services, Inc., we create incredible pools. If you are looking for a swimming pool design in The Villages, Florida, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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