A splendid way of unwinding after a hectic day or during the hot weather is by cooling off in your backyard pool. Some people have to search on Google for the nearest swimming pools around them, while some prefer installing the pool in their homes.

You may want to install the pool at the back of your home, but you are probably worried about the swimming pool construction cost.

According to a report by Home advisor, swimming pool construction cost is about $16,441 to $44,198, but the average is $29,637. Pools built in-ground usually cost about $36,750 to $66,599, while the swimming pool construction cost of pools above the ground range from $700 to $3,600.

Some specific factors go a long way in affecting swimming pool construction costs. Find out in this blog the factors that affect swimming pool construction costs and how they affect the price of a swimming pool.

  • The Size, Shape, And Type Of The Pool

The swimming pool construction cost for pools built inside the ground is about $50 to $125 for each square foot. A major factor that affects the costs of a swimming pool is the size. The bigger the size of a pool, the higher the cost. This is because constructing a large pool requires a lot of materials, tools, and labor.

The shape you want your swimming pool to be is dependent on the available materials. The concrete and vinyl pools can be altered into any shape, but the fiberglass pools are restricted to the shape that comes from the manufacturing company.

  • Location Of The Pool

Swimming pool construction cost is also affected by where the pool is located. In Northern states, the swimming pool construction cost is about twenty percent more than in Florida or Texas. For the urban areas, swimming pool construction costs are usually more than that in the rural areas, and this is because the high cost of living in urban areas raises the cost of labor.

  • Labor And Permits

Labor usually accounts for about 25 to 50 percent of swimming pool construction costs. The price of labor is not fixed but depends on the type of pool to be installed. Swimming pools built In-ground require more labor force, so they cost more than the pools constructed above. If a deep excavation of the ground is necessary, it makes the price of labor shoot up.

The labor cost required to install a pool is $5000 to $30,000. This, however, depends on the style, size, and shape of the pool. Swimming pool construction cost for a custom pool is always higher due to the labor needed.

Furthermore, the permit for installing a pool is between $200 to $300. However, this price is not fixed because location and pool type are factors that affect it. Before work can commence on installing a pool, the contractor needs to turn in paperwork to seek a permit.


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