During the summer, you can expect foliage from vegetation and trees, insects, and algae to mess up your pool. The presence of organic loads can make it challenging to obtain a crystal clear pool and increase exposure to bacteria throughout the summer. If you are planning a pool party or your friends and family will be coming around to enjoy your beautiful pool, you’ve got to do something about the mess to get your pool ready for the fun-filled event. Gladly, there are quick and simple tips to address that. This pool treatment during the summer explained by professionals at Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. will leave your pool safe and clean!

Pool Treatment During The Summer

The first step to a summer pool treatment is to test your pool. You need to test the pH level of the water in your pool to determine if it needs chemicals or not. To do that, you’ll need the help of pool retailers. They’ll guide you on how to purchase quality testing kits and supplies. Adding chemicals to your pool will limit the growth of algae and enhance the beauty of your pool. For those hosting parties, it’s best to test pools before parties. The next step is to run the pump. This action will filter debris from the water while ensuring the circulation of freshwater. While pumping, be sure to snag any waste with a pool net. Are you hosting a large group of friends? Save yourself lots of work by creating a foot cleaning station close to your pool. It can limit the number of debris and dirt that get into your pool.

Brush And Shock Your Pool

Brushing and shocking your pool are also some of the fantastic pool treatments during the summer. To scrub, you have to start with the side of your pool. This gets rid of debris, dirt, and algae that might cling to the surfaces and walls of your pool. Do this even if there is no visible presence of algae. It’s one of the great tips for cleaning pools after an event. It prevents them from blooming and growing. Shocking your pool is also an excellent way to remove bacteria and contaminants. Shock the water before using the pool so guests can enjoy a clean pool.

Clean And Clear Your Pool Area

Are you preparing your pool for an event? Mow grass and reposition potted trees and plants to expand your swimming pool area. Take out toys or other items that could lead to hazards or obstacles when your guests are present. Additionally, hose down patios and decks, and scrub off algae if present. After every use of the pool, clean and sanitize the pool to get it ready for future use. Cleaning pools after a party is a good idea.


Coupled with this fundamental guide on pool treatment during the summer, professionals at Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. offer comprehensive pool cleaning and chemical services for pool owners. If you are planning to host pool parties in the future, invite us to access your pool and give you a professional guide on pool maintenance. Contact us today for a consultation!