The main thing that affects a pool’s circulation is the pump. The pump assists in pumping water from the bottom of the pool filters the water and then circulates it back into the pool. Pool jets ensure good circulation of water in the pool and prevent stagnation. A swimming pool without jets will be very cloudy or have a large amount of algae growth. Ideally, your pool should have a minimum of two pool return jets.

Importance of Pool Circulation

Pools are at risk of becoming a haven for bacteria and algae. You thus need an efficient circulation system for your pool. It is essential to keep your pool clean, making it healthier to use. An efficient circulation system helps to circulate the water, making the contents in the pool less likely to become dirty or have debris floating in it.


Invest in a Good Pool Circulation System to Increase Circulation

A pool circulation system should have a solid and efficient pool circulation pump for your pool to have suitable circulation. In addition, you should set your pool circulation system to have the water recirculated every six to eight hours. This will enable your pool to be adequately filtered and disinfected.


Frequent Maintenance is Very Important

You should also ensure to install a pool return fitting to prevent water from running into the pool. In addition, always brush the places with poor circulation in your pool (dead areas) at least weekly. Maintenance will help in removing any contaminants and increasing pool circulation. You should also clean out the filters periodically to continue to operate efficiently. A clean filter will lead to a more pristine pool and one that is free from debris and other items that the filter has trapped. You may also consider investing in a saltwater chlorination system as they are more energy-efficient, require less maintenance.


How Pool Return Jets Help Improve Pool Circulation

A pool return jet is a small nozzle that squirts water diagonally out of the pool wall. Without the pool jet nozzle, you would have to run your filter all the time to keep your pool clean and clear. The size and number of jets depend on the size of the pool. Larger pools will have many jets while smaller pools may have about two return jets. To achieve an even flow in your pool, these jets should be pointed directly at each other; one towards the shallow end and one towards the deep.

Pool return jets do an excellent job injecting and circulating clean water into the pool. When water flows through the filters, the return jets push them back into your pool. Return jets should be set in the correct direction to increase pool circulation. To increase pool circulation, you can point the pool jets opposite the skimmers to create a spin effect.


Get Your pool return jets Fixed Today

Ensuring good pool circulation will increase its cleanliness, reduce the risk of infections, improve the health of your pool, and reduce your maintenance costs. You will also benefit from having the right pool return jets to ensure your pool is correctly filtered and disinfected. Good pool circulation requires less disinfection while making your pool a fun and healthy place.

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