Swimming Pool Services in Ocala

When you decide to have a pool on your property, you need to partner with the best swimming pool service in Ocala.

A swimming pool adds a whole new dimension to your family life. It gives your kids a place to learn and perfect their swimming skills. It also elevates their popularity as their friends will always want to come over. Not forgettting, this is a perfect spot for parties.

It is neither easy nor cheap to build and maintain a pool. Mistakes remain an eyesore in your backyard and in your pocket. Rectifying the mistake is even more costly.

You need the best pool services provider in Ocala to walk with you on the journey.

Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. & Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services is that company. They have a wealth of experience when it comes to building and maintaining swimming pools. The pool cleaner service staff is the friendliest, most respectful, and most dedicated in Ocala.

Good pool service in Ocala

If you spend between $50,000 – $250,000 on a pool, you don’t want to go wrong. You need to work with an expert from the concept stage all through. It is a great idea to get Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. & Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services. We take care of both the swimming pool construction and maintenance. 

We are also capable of providing a complete pool environment. That means that as we design your project, we can keep the end result in mind as we design your pool.

It may seem basic, but always make sure your pool services provider is both certified and insured. You will have peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a professional able to shoulder the cost of mistakes and contingencies.

Ask for experience in your pool services provider. Have a look at their portfolio and talk to their previous clients. Experience and portfolio are also an indicator of their relationship with vendors.

Your pool work will need more than construction. The pool contractors will have to bring in other technicians like electricians, plumbers, landscapers, etc. A good relationship with the top vendors ensures timely delivery of your pool on a budget.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Ocala

You need to repair and clean your pool regularly to keep it safe, attractive and to make it last longer. Pool cleaning in Ocala is more than merely trawling a net through the water to catch debris. The chemical levels must be tested and adjusted to stop the growth of algae.

Pool cleaning is a regular exercise, and as such, it is intrusive. Your pool cleaner must be respectful of your personal space.

Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. & Sparkling Waters Pool And Spa Services offer inexpensive services and have highly skilled professionals who are always at hand to help you.

Our range of cleaning services include:


Water testing


Maintenance of the filtration system


Cleaning cartridge filters


Regulating the salt system


Cleaning neglected pools

We undertake a range of pool repair services in Ocala as well.

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We offer the broadest range of quality swimming pool service in Ocala. Our charges for pool construction, repair, and cleaning are affordable. We guarantee value for money.