Taking a swim is one of the best ways to relax. In the hot weather, there is nothing as refreshing as jumping into a cold water pool.

It matters how the pool looks, a beautiful and sleek pool is inviting and encourages you to take a swim. A boring pool can be upgraded to look beautiful. Cool pool shapes can give your pool a modern look.

You can bring elegance to your pool by choosing a suitable and modern design that shows your style, and elegance. Here are some modern pool designs in Orlando that will take your pool to the next level;

5 Modern Inground Pool Designs In Orlando

Island pool 

An island pool design is a pool that stands on its right in the middle of your backyard. The patio and pool sit on a clear space, and the beautiful greenery from the backyard is simply breathtaking.

This pool design would be perfect if you have children, especially of different ages. Some kids can play in the pool, while there is also space for other kids to play in the backyard too.

This design is at the top of the list among small backyard pool designs because it is convenient and practical.


An Infinity Pool

An infinity pool design has water flowing from all its sides. The idea of the infinity pool is to make the water seem endless, by ensuring that all the pool walls are built a little lower than the water levels.

This way, the water is always flowing like a fountain from within the pool. This is a luxury pool and it gives the home a modern and classy look. It works best in a rectangular pool design since it looks more classy.


The Kidney Shaped Pools

This pool design is called the kidney-shaped pool design because of its shape. It is shaped like a kidney, giving it a unique look. The pool has a natural division, separating the deep and shallow ends of the pool.

You can tell just by looking at it where the shallow end ends, and the deep end begins. It makes it ideal for a family home since you can monitor and ensure that the kids do not cross to the deep end.


Rectangle Pool Designs With Floating Steps

Rectangle pool designs are classic. However, they don’t have to be old and boring. With modern rectangle pool designs, they are even more practical and beautiful. You can add some floating steps to the pool to give it an edge.

The steps are built on a raised ledge that makes them look like they are floating. They are classy and you can use them to go across the pool.


Multicolored Pool 

With multicolored modern pool designs in Orlando, you can make an illusion of different colors in your pool by adding this beautiful design. All you need is LED lights around the pool, making sure they are well placed to illuminate the pool.

They give a fun look to your pool, especially at night.

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