Installing a new pool is extremely exciting, but many details go into finishing the full setup. One of the main parts of a new pool to consider is the finish of an inground pool because there are so many options. Our pool designer at Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. tells you about the different options for pool finishes, so you can figure out which types are right for your pool. Understanding the different types of finishes will help you understand which one is most suitable for you. Depending on which type you choose, your pool will transform into the aesthetic and function that you want it to have. There are many factors to consider when selecting a finish, even though many people think that it is just the color that matters. With our help, you will be able to install the finish that your pool needs without any hesitation. Our team of experts offers services across The Villages and many other locations because we love helping and supporting local customers. 


Inground Pool Finishes 

Our pool designer wants to walk you through the different types of finishes so you know what all of your options are. One type of finish is a plaster finish, which is the most popular finish out there. This is essentially a combination of maple dust, silica, water, and cement, which gives your pool a simple and smooth look. Plaster finishes are great for people who are on a budget and who do not want to break the bank for their pool finish. You can even mix different colors with this finish so your pool can either be classic and blue or darker to give a natural pond-like appearance. Another type of finish is an aggregate finish, which is rather new on the market. You can have endless options when it comes to this finish because you can choose between colors, textures, pebbles, beads, and more. Your pool will look as luxurious as you want. Tile finishes are another type and last a long time. These are rather pricey, but they will make your pool look classy and elegant for years. 


Things To Consider 

Before choosing a finish, there are a few things that we want you to consider. Some of these things include what texture you might want your pool to have, how long you need the finish to last, what color you might want it, and any other factors that you need to consider. We want to make sure that you choose the best finish for your pool so that you have no regrets.


We Will Help 

We understand that using a finish can be difficult, especially if you cannot narrow down your options. Our pool designer can help you at any point in your process, so you can take the word of a professional and feel confident in your decision. We will walk you through many aspects of choosing a finish.


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Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. is here to help you find the best finish for your inground pool. With all of the options out there, it can be overwhelming, but we have experience with pool finishes throughout The Villages, so contact us today for more information.

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