Almost all pool owners have had to wrestle with algae. Whether you are a long-time pool owner or you are just building yours, having a clean, algae-free pool can enhance the health of your family and guests. However, the sad reality is, pool algae prevention can be a challenge. But the truth is: You can do it—even without investing much! At Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. in Florida, we’ve compiled the villages’ pool doctor’s complete guide to algae prevention in Florida swimming pools. 

The Villages Pool Doctor’s Complete Guide To Algae Prevention In Florida Swimming Pools

While algae aren’t necessarily harmful, they’re unsightly, and their presence in the pool can indicate poor pool care. Some simple strategies and steps can help maintain the pool and make it less susceptible to swimming pool algae. When you start to observe white, brown, green, or red thick scum in the pool, steer clear of it. They are sometimes harmful, and when ingested, they can be dangerous. Immediately, call professionals! When you start to prevent algae from your pool, figure out the cause first. Here are some reasons why algae can be in your swimming pool. These include:

  • Circulation issues
  • Excessive debris in the swimming pool
  • Hot temperatures
  • Issues with the filter
  • Improper chemical balance

When you are aware of the cause of the problem, you can easily prevent them. Some issues can be quite challenging to solve if you cite your pool in a region with excess exposure to the sun. In this situation, you might have to install a shelter or an overhead to curb the growth.  

Other Ways To Prevent Algae Inside Pool

There are other less stressful interventions to mitigate algae in Florida pools. These are suggestions our experts at Sparkling Pools Construction Inc. recommend:

  • Vacuum debris from your pool often
  • Clean the filter often
  • Regularly brush the surfaces and sides of your pool
  • Sanitize your swimming pool with an approved sanitizer
  • Check the circulation system to be sure it’s working efficiently

Schedule a particular time of the year to repair and maintain the pool. These are times you wouldn’t be using the pool. Recommended times are early spring or late fall.

Treating Algae

If algae continue to be a problem even after implementing all the tips above, it might be best to hire local pool professionals. They will help you clean and treat the pool regularly, especially when it gets to peak usage. They are responsible for managing problems like pH levels and algae. They are committed to ensuring that you enjoy your swimming pool throughout the year without fear of harmful bacteria or unsightly pools.

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